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When we started our company back in 1991, our mission was to help make natural medicines a staple on pharmacy shelves. This way, like-minded consumers would be able to make informed decisions regarding what types of medications would best suit their needs. As the years progressed, and our company grew, those well-informed shoppers learned there were natural alternatives too many of the allopathic medications found on store shelves, and that there was a great difference in the quality of those goods. Our company expounds on the fact that excellence does matter.

Our core business is the formulation of new and innovative products; like FibroMed, for soft tissue and joint inflammation associated with fibromyalgia, JointPlex, for arthritis pain and over-exertion, and RenuDerm, our anti-aging, collagen supporting formula, and BioptrinPlus, our superior weight loss product contains all the right ingredients that help to decrease appetite; which in turn eliminates overeating and binging. Quality and consistency are important; we use only premium raw materials and a state-of- the-art manufacturing facility. Our “Pharmacist Developed” supplements are sold in pharmacies throughout the world because our customers know they can depend on us; we guarantee the potency and purity on all Mellen and Innova branded goods.

Our products are recommended by doctors.

All of our products are Pharmaceutical Grade with Guaranteed Potency. All of our products are manufactured in the USA, in National Science Foundation (NSF) certified and Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved facilities that are compliant with Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) guidelines. Our labels contain full supplement facts.



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