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Glucosamine Sulfate Complex (120 capsules)


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Product Description

Glucosamine Sulfate that is used in supplements is often harvested from shellfish. It is also can be made in the laboratory. It is commonly used for osteoarthritis. There are different forms of glucosamine as sulfate, hydrochloride and N-Acetyl-glucosamine.

Mellen Brand of Glucosamine Sulfate has no additives as shark cartilage. Researchers have found that combining ingredients with Glucosamine does not add any benefits.

Some glucosamine sulfate products are not labeled accurately. In some cases, the amount of glucosamine varies from none to over 100%. Some products have glucosamine hydrochloride when glucosamine sulfate is on the label.

Researchers believe that only glucosamine sulfate is important to help the body produce a variety of other chemicals that are involved in building cartilage, tendons, ligaments and the thick fluid that surrounds the joints.


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